Complete Buying Guide for Prescription Glasses

Most ophthalmologists across the world rely on the usage of external lenses for the easy rectification of faulty vision. Be it due to presbyopia or myopia i.e. short-sightedness or far-sightedness respectively, using spectacles is the commonest as well as the easiest solution. Therefore, the market for prescription lenses never witnesses any downfall.

Moreover, the current pandemic situation has compelled most people across the world to increase the average screen time. This has resulted in the rise of eye troubles on average, mainly because of the blue light that gets emitted from the screens of computers, laptops, smartphones. 

A blank blue light protection lens might be used as a preventive measure to handle the situation. But in case you have already acquired any vision problem, then using a prescription lens is the only solution.

In case you experience blurred vision or feel the need to adjust the distance continuously for getting a clear view, you need to seek medical guidance. A quick assessment will determine the range of your vision problem and how can it be easily rectified externally with the help of a prescription lens.

Apart from these troubles, you may also experience redness of eyes and headache along with. These symptoms are associated with either presbyopia or myopia. There is no minimum age limit for myopia which can set in from a very early age while presbyopia normally sets in during the forties. 

Nowadays, spectacles have become a new style statement. Depending on your budget you can choose your frame as per your requirement from the wide range of collections of Vision Direct. Here we present some of the choicest frames of varied price ranges for your best benefits:

SmartBuy Collection Ainslie 2418 C4: This is a quality pair available at a budget-friendly rate. The unique transparent brown colour and the rectangular shape adds a new dimension to the style. The lens material is customizable while the frame material is plastic thus making it lightweight and durable at the same time. This comes with a 24-month warranty on the lens with a 100% accuracy guarantee and 100 days return policy.

SmartBuy Readers OR 42A: A huge and enriched collection of prescription lenses, this is one of the most stylish of its genre. This frame comes with the best price guarantee The price incorporates the lens price too with a free shipping facility. There are two different colours available with the 100-day return policy. Moreover, it also possesses a 2-year warranty period. With a 100% RX accuracy guarantee, this is one of the best reading glasses available in the market. The processing time ranges between one and three days. With any special tinting, it may take up to five days. 

SmartBuy Readers OR39: This is yet another gem of the collection. It is sleekly designed with a stylized elegant appeal. The milky blue colour of this unisex metal frame deserves a special mention. The frame is lightweight but ensures durability and possesses 100% accuracy with a 24-month warranty on the lens. In case of any complaint or dissatisfaction, you can always return the product within 100 days of purchase.

Tom Ford FT5558B: Stylish and elegant, this is one of the most favourable eyeglasses of the collection. Ideally designed for men, this is a square-rimmed plastic frame thus ensuring durability and lightness. The lens material is customizable as per the needs and requirements of the buyer. It comes with a 24-month warranty on lenses along with 100% guaranteed accuracy. The product also enjoys a 100-day return policy.

SmartBuy Collection Taegan 2222 C6: This red-coloured plastic-framed glass is a major highlight of the low-cost high-quality specs collection. The lens material is customizable while the durable frame is prepared from plastic. This has been designed to suit both men and women alike. The lens enjoys a warranty of 2 years and assures a 100% accuracy guarantee with 100 days return policy.