Should My Front Door Be Visible from the Street for Better Security

Should My Front Door Be Visible from the

Street for Better Security?

Did you know that the design of your front yard and entranceway can have an impact on the security of your home and how attractive your home might be to thieves? If you’re redesigning or revamping the entranceway or façade of your home, it’s worth taking home security into account as well as aesthetics to ensure you are protected when you’re at home and safe from intruders and thieves.

Should My Front Door Be Visible from the  Street for Better Security

 Have you considered your home security from the point of view of a thief? If not, it’s worth examining your home thoroughly to see if there are areas of weakness that could be exploited to allow an intruder to easily break into your property. Thieves usually decide whether to attempt a break-in at a property based on factors visible from the front of the house, such as whether the property looks occupied or poorly secured. Often there are simple changes that you can make at your property that may end up being the difference between your home being targeted by a thief or not.

Can you see your front door from the street?

A recent study by Budget Direct demonstrated that 14% of detained thieves had said that visibility of the property from the road would be a big deterring factor. Discourage thieves from targeting your home by ensuring your front door is visible from the street. This means that anyone who approaches your front door will run the risk of being seen. Given that burglars rely on being able to be fast and discreet, have to risk operating in full view of the street will deter a thief. It’s best to design your entryway ensuring that there is a clear line of sight from the street. It’s also worth removing or trimming any trees or bushes that might obscure your front door from view.

Is your street number easily identifiable?

Should it be necessary for your household to call the police or other emergency services, it is important for them to be able to identify your house number. If your house number is obscured or in any way hidden, it is important to make sure it can be seen clearly from the street. In emergency situations minutes can be crucial, so make sure your responders don’t have to waste time checking for a house number.

Is your front yard and entranceway well lit?

You might be able to see your front door from the street during the day but is it visible at night? If you don’t have lighting near your front door, consider installing some because a well-lit area is safer. Thieves will always try to avoid being seen, so good lighting is a simple and effective deterrent. Consider installing a sensor light beside your front door or, if your budget will allow, lighting in your front yard.

Does your fence obscure your home?

Try to make sure that you choose fencing that still allows your front door to be seen rather than tall, solid fencing that will allow an intruder to take their time breaking into your home without fear of being spotted from the street. When choosing a front fence design, try to opt for an open-style or low fence to increase visibility into your yard and entranceway. This will allow you to identify intruders as they enter your property as well as ensuring that an intruder will have to operate in view of the street and any passers-by.

Is your garden well maintained?

Could an intruder find an easy hiding place in your front yard? Ensure your garden is well-tended and that shrubbery isn’t blocking the view of your front door from the street. Trees and shrubbery can provide convenient cover for thieves and intruders. It’s also worth ensuring that tree branches are pruned were necessary to prevent intruders from being able to use branches to access upper story windows, balconies, or skylights in order to break into your property.

Other steps to take to successfully deter thieves from attempting a break-in

One of the first things a burglar will look for at a property is a lack of security measures. Experienced thieves are often able to recognize fake or malfunctioning security systems and are able to quickly check if doors and windows are properly secured. Aside from an exposed entranceway, other successful deterrents include the following:

  • A security door;
  • A dog;
  • A functioning alarm system;
  • Lights outside of the property;
  • Lights on inside the property; and
  • Security gates.

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